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Out now: Vigilantism, Will over Matter, Citalopram Shunyata / Vomir Split, Cockfodder


OFR-CD 018: Vigilantism – Fistborn CD

After two albums on legendary Freak Animal Records, the Finnish project Vigilantism returns with another display of absolute force. „Fistborn“ continues the oppressive and dark Heavy Industrial style known from his previous work, but also features a nice newish hint of Power Electronics brutality and is even more diverse. Cold but always fleshy and organic waves of sound, commanding vocals and traces of pounding rhythm make this a real treat for any fan of Heavy Industrial and Power Electronics.

Pro CD in jewel case, co-release with Phosgen Records. 12 €


OFR-CD 019: Will over Matter – Sähköinen Esoteria – Tribulations 17 to 20 CD

New full-length by Will over Matter compiling over 70 minutes of trademark Noise like nobody else does it. „Sähköinen Esoteria“ presents deep, synth-driven but yet dynamic and sometimes even aggressive material reminiscent of past triumphs like „Lust for Knowledge“ but yet still new and fresh. Using both live recordings and studio tracks, Ride for Revenge founder and frontman Harald Mentor creates yet another impressive hallmark in his discography!
Pro-CD in digipack with additional matte finish. 12 €


OFR-037: Citalopram Shunyata & Vomir – Elle Vide ses Tripes Split C60 Tape

Rough and ultra-dirty split dedicated to Japanese scatporn featuring 30 minutes of exclusive material from each artist. Citalopram Shunyata presents four tracks with gritty and fuzzy atmosphere, located somehwhere between murky Euro Noise vein and the brutality of deep and crunchy artists of more recent times. Harsh Noise Wall pioneer Vomir presents another one of his well-crafted upfront walls. The bliss of nothingness and no-movement approach, yet those small changes and deep textures that have always separated Vomir from the others are omnipresent.

C60 tape in clear see-through bag with extreme full-colour allround artwork and insert. Limited 70


Citalopram Shunyata:


OFR-038: Cockfodder – Baptism C40 Tape

Debut tape by American female-fronted violent Power Electronics project! Live and loud recordings of unrelenting material with tons of ripping Feedback and impressive vocal performance, which may remind the connaisseur of some 90ies giants of perverse PE. Cockfodder is an immensely personal and painfully honest project, in which the artist deals with past experiences of rape and abuse. Angry and highly emotional sounds, genuinely creepy and abusive atmosphere.

C40 tape in see through bag with allround artwork and insert. Limited 70


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