Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2018

June '18: Entartun (Scatmother / Fujinami Collab), Chaos Cascade, Hymenal Opening / Cervical Smear Split

OFR CD – 02: Entartun – s/t CD

Collaboration between Scatmother and Yasuhito Fujinami dedicated to the aesthetics of vintage Japanese bondage, porn and exploitation cinema. Mixture between layered and full harsh noise tracks and in-your-face Power Electronics. Blending of the highly progressive and detailed Harsh Noise by Yasuhito Fujinami and the brutal and raw aspects known from previous Scatmother releases. Comes as pro-pressed CD with all lyrics!

OFR-024: Chaos Cascade – Son of the Void C30

Chaos Cascade – a young and uprising project by the singer of porngrind cult pioneers GUT – unleashes this new onslaught of dark and vile war noise. SON OF THE VOID follows the path carved by the exquisite full-length on Bestial Burst and presents sonic terror at its finest. Very noisy, brutal and unapologetic hymns of anticosmic devotion and worship of death and perversion which mixes the best out of many underground music subgenres but still manages to present coherent and astounding results. Comes with 8 page booklet!

OFR-025: Hymenal Opening / Cervical Smear Split C40

Two young acts who are very different in sound but share a vision of absolute transgression and disregard for human life. Hymenal Opening presents no-bullshit Feedback-driven harsh noise in the good old 90ies US vein. Cervical Smear does Post-Mortem Death Noise consisting of grinding layers of filth and hands-on noise. Not easily consumable in sound and content. Limited edition for death enthusiasts and perverts.
Hymenal Opening Sample: