TAPES (7 € each):
OFR-012: Subklinik - Dead Forever
OFR-014: Rotat "Hate is Good"
OFR-017b: Vulgar Disease - Insaciable
OFR-030: Splitter Mimesis - Bruised ManhoodOFR-036: Cervical Smear - Ophelia
OFR-037: Citalopram Shunyata / Vomir - Elle vide ses Tripes Split C60

CD (12 € each):
OFR-CD 03: Scatmother & Pissoir Rouge - Physics Dissolve in Urine
OFR-CD 05: Rotat -  HUssy Rescue
OFR-CD 06: scum - Surrender
OFR-CD 07: The Rita - Linked Arms and Torsos Touching
OFR-CD 08: Citalopram Shunyata - Vanilla Bloodshame
OFR CD 10: Sodomy from Beyond - Reign of Obscenity
OFR CD 11: Pissoir Rouge - Asphyxia Apotheose
OFR CD 12: Mantras of Vivisection Compilation
OFR CD 13: Scatmother & Pissoir Rouge - Hentai Femdom Aktionismus
OFR CD 14: AntiChildLeague - Entrenched Extreme
OFR CD 15: Cervical Smear - Ophelia
OFR CD 18: Vigilantism - Fistborn
OFR CD 19: Will over Matter - Sähköinen Esoteria - Tribulations 17 to 20
SEX NOISE COMPILATION CD (Sick Seed, Scatmother, Naxal Protocol etc)

Check out some samples on OFR's YouTube Channel and Soundcloud .

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OFR-001: Bagman "New Wave of British Murder"
OFR-002: Die Reitenden Leichen "German Sex"
OFR-003: PMK "Murderchamber"
OFR-004: Rectal Machete "Ultra-Misogynist"
OFR-005: Psychosadist "Your Pain is my Only Pleasure"
OFR-006: Stark "Frank"

OFR-009: Maskhead "Qliphotic Doglust"
OFR-007: Body Stress "CCC"
OFR-008: ANTIchildLEAGUE "Holy Spirit"
OFR-010: Salo Salon "Agonal Pessimism"
OFR-011: Penetration Squadron "Rectal Assault"
OFR-013: Scatmother / Wonderland Club "Split"
OFR-015: Stiletto Opera "Cinque Casi di Omicidio Sessuale"
OFR-016: Psychosadist "Disco Bizarre"
OFR-017: Moana "Leopard Suit"
OFR-018: Infektionsabteilung - Verschwörungstheorie
OFR-021: Antichildleague / The Rita Split
OFR-023: Die Reitenden Leichen - Antisex
OFR-022: Pissoir Rouge - s/t

OFR-019: Maskhead - Scatchrist
OFR-024: Chaos Cascade - Son of the Void
OFR-025: Hymenal Opening / Cervical Smear - Split
OFR-026: Stark "Caveat Emptor"
OFR-027: Edge of Decay / Umpio "Declaration" Split
OFR-028: The Rita & Citalopram Shunata "Lady MacBeth" collab
OFR-031: Taeter / Penetration Squadron - Split
OFR-029: Contortus / Cronaca Nera - Split
OFR-020: Naxal Protocol - Gnosis
OFR-032: Pissoir Rouge - Untitled II 
OFR-034: Chaos Cascade - Melodies of Misogyny
OFR-035: Torturing Nurse - Futile
OFR-038: Cockfodder - Baptism
OFR-CD-01: Cervical Smear - Cervical Smear 
OFR-CD 02: Entartun - Entartun (Scatmother & Yasuhito Fujinami)
OFR-CD 04: Chaos Cascade - Of Bedlam and Barbarism
OFR-CD 09: Maskhead - Ritualistic Self-Mutilations

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