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TAPES (7 € each):

OFR-012: Subklinik "Dead Forever"
Cult old school Death Industrial known from Slaughter Productions.

OFR-014: Rotat "Hate is Good"

Raw but varied and beautifully executed Harsh Noise.

OFR-016: Psychosadist "Disco Bizarre"

New full-length of this German PE project with sound leaning a bit towards cold and oppressive Death Industrial. Features guest vocals by Scatmother and Cadaver Gutter.

OFR-017b: Vulgar Disease - Insaciable

Raw and spiteful PE from Mexico. Dead Prostitutes and Perversions.

OFR-018: Infektionsabteilung - Verschwörungstheorie

Great Synthwank murk Industrial in the vein of old MB. 

OFR-030: Splitter Mimesis – Bruised Manhood C40
Rapid, brutal and spastic cut up noise insanity. The project deals with brutal femdom and ballbusting, fetishising sexual pain and cruel femininity. Images taken from glorious Japanese SM porn. Not for everyoneSample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9KSPcCpY-k

OFR-032: Pissoir Rouge - Untitled II C40

German insanity returns! "Untitled II" is the result of hours of hours spent in run-down recording areas capturing cutting feedback, metaljunk brutalism and tormented screams filled with hate and perversion. Raw and punishing material combining scummy Harsh Noise and Feedback PE. Degenerate, violent, lust-driven. Limited edition of 70 copies

OFR-033: Mademoiselle Bistouri - Daily Routine / Solipsism C30

Pure Harsh Noise with organic feel. This Italian artist has been roaming the underground for some years and evolved day by day. "Daily Routine / Solipsism" contains 30 minutes of very harsh, mostly low-end Harsh Noise compositions with great flow, texture and high dynamics. Limited edition of 50 copies

CD (12 € each):
SEX NOISE COMPILATION CD (Sick Seed, Scatmother, Naxal Protocol etc)

Obscene and sexual compilation with contributions by Sick Seed, Naxal Protocol, Scatmother et. al. 

OFR-CD 02: Entartun (Scatmother & Yasuhito Fujinami Collab)

Mixture between Harsh PE and deep, structured Noise

OFR-CD 03: Scatmother & Pissoir Rouge "Physics Dissolve in Urine"

Live collaboration! Extremely harsh PE with various approaches

OFR-CD 05: Rotat – Hussy Rescue
New full-length album from this uprising Finnish dominator. Upfront and aggressive songs that offer both straight-to-the-point harsh noise and at the same time subtle and thought out song structures and very individualistic aspects.Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sqg0ta1_RAY

OFR-CD 06: scum – Surrender
First ever solo release of this Japanese project on pro CD! Active since 2010, Sou Inomoto presents very full-bodied and extraordinarily crafty Cut Up Harsh Noise that should please both fans of old school Japanese Harsh Noise bliss as well as those who appreciate the technical and progressive aspects of more recent big names. Comes in diy OFR style packagingCo-release with Phosgen Records 
Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KO7Ar_gKBQ0

OFR CD-07: The Rita - Linked Arms and Torsos Touching CD

After a split and a collab, THE RITA presents this new full-length album on OFR. Heavy and brutal sound that nods at the landmarks of his discography such as "Thousands of Dead Gods". Pure Harsh Noise beauty like nobody else can do it.

OFR CD-08: Citalopram Shunyata - Vanilla Bloodshame CD

First full-length album of the Scatmother side-project dedicated to murky, textured and harsh , rumbling Noise. Featuring Brand-new tracks as well as the first ones to have ever been recorded for this project, "Vanilla Bloodshame" explores incest and inner-family sexuality from various angles. From sadistic abuse to playful consensual experimentation, from Greek and German world literature to unartistic modern pornography. Housed in diy OFR style packaging. Released together with Gutter Disease.


CDs (10 € each, except when stated otherwise)

Anemone Tube – Allegory of Vanity / Vanity of Allegory / Forget Heaven 3 x Digi CD Set (The Epicurean) 27 €
Germany's finest noise, ritual industrial project presents 3 CDs of older material ranging from fierce to ambient-heavy. Only sold together!

Bizarre Uproar – High-Risk Lifestyle
2017 full-length. Putrid and disturbing, but still violent.

Bizarre Uproar – Mother CD (Filth and Violence)
Raw and uncompromising violence by BU.

Bizarre Uproar / Gelsomina – 2007 – 2008 2x CD (Filth and Violence) 13 €
Brilliant old releases of these two giants reissued on double CD.

Cervical Smear - Real-Death Enthusiast CD (Filth and Violence)
Heavy and dark death noise. Highly transgressive. Nice digipack!

Cthulhu – Hallucinations in the Colour of Space A5 Digi CD (Phosgen Records)
Deep, droning material – very meditative and varied.

Eradication Call – Guilty CD (Phosgen Records)
Harsh, violent and primitive PE. Delightfully raw!

Femeheim – Egofanal CD (Death Continues Records)
Impressive German Death Industrial. Analog heaviness, catchy compositions and total old school feel. Best new act of this kind!

First Order – Near Death Digi CD (Phosgen Records)
Murky death electronics PE type of material. Highly recommended for fans of such material – very underrated project.

Flagellatio Orgasmus – Criminal Russia (Filth and Violence)
Old school style feedback PE violence. Depraved stuff.

Institution DOL - Our Love can Destroy this whole fucking World

Austrian heavy Industrial - noisiest work so far.

Last Dominion Lost – Abomination of Desolation Digi CD (The Epicurean)
Sophisticated and well-crafted Industrial with John Murphy.

Last Dominion Lost – Snowdrops from a Curate's Garden Digi CD (The Epicurean)
Live recording with heavier, noisier sound – probably best recordings of LDL.

RxAxPxE - Transgressing Ecastasy 15 €

Satanic Death Industrial Black Noise Double CD in neat digipack

Snuff – Anonymous / Male Supremacy / Dresden CD (Filth and Violence)
Compilation of various material by Snuff.

Snuff – II CD (Filth and Violence)
Modern day Power Electronics masterpiece.

Tongue Kiss Hematoma – s/t CD (Filth and Violence)
Graphic and perverse PE themed around sexual abuse – not for everyone! Raw and harsh style, for fans of Strict, Taint, US Harsh Noise etc.

Tapes (6 € each, except when stated otherwise)

Citalopram Shunyata - School Girl Reports (Black Psychosis)
Murky noise, sexy and perverse content. Pro covers!

Eradication Call – s/t CS (Phosgen Records)
Unpolished, raw PE – very hateful.

To order, please contact:

obsessivefundamentalrealism [a] gmail.com

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