Montag, 9. November 2020


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OFR-CD 13: Scatmother & Pissoir Rouge - Hentai Femdom Aktionismus CD

Two years after their first collaborative album, Pissoir Rouge and Scatmother present their newest offense "Hentai Femdom Aktionismus". Weeks of manic recording in the scummiest parts of Berlin worshipping ear-shredding Feedback, modulations and junk metal have resulted in roughly 40 minutes of brutal and punishing live Power Electronics that also draws sonic inspiration from apocalyptic Industrial and chaotic Harsh Noise. "Hentai Femdom Aktionismus" is a carnival of perversion and antisocial solipsism and a result of deep-seated spite and obsession that should please fans of full-frontal Harsh Noise PE. Imagine the colourful over-the-top perversion of Japanese Hentai interpreted with the cold hatefulness of European Power Electronics. Mastered by Studio Hel, juicy 8 page booklet worshipping dripping animated orifices. lim 200

OFR-CD 14: AntiChildLeague - Entrenched Extreme CD

It is with the greatest pleasure that we announce the newest full-length album of mighty AntichildLeague "Entrenched Extreme". 4 years after her last solo full-length, Gaya Donadio is back with an absolute bang and presents her harshest and most brutal work so far. Of course, trademark aspects like complex compositions, Gaya Donadio's unmistakeable vocals, enticing atmosphere and deep heavy throbs are to be found, but "Entrenched Extreme" is way more than just that. ACL utilises a very contemporary harshness, crisp metaljunk, piercing Feedback and variations in style that form a massive Power Electronics monolith. Not to be missed!! Lim 200 CD, co-release with Phosgen Records 

OFR-CD 15: Cervical Smear - Ophelia CD
OFR-036: Cervical Smear - Ophelia C40 Tape
One and a half years after the last album offering "Real-Death Enthusiast" on mighty Filth and Violence, Cervical Smear return with another putrid and perverse full-length album. "Ophelia" offers roughly 40 minutes of new heavy and creepy hymns to death, sexual transgression and most of all the aesthetics of the female corpse. Despite staying loyal to Cervical Smear's very own brand of Post Mortem Noise with both the structured elements of Death Industrial and the aggression of Power Electronics, this album also offers some innovation in the form of some clearer and more musical tracks as well as some audial acknowledgements of some of the sonic pioneers of Death Worship. Mastered by Studio Hel for best possible results. Intense artwork - Not for the easily offended! Available as lim 200 CD (co-released with Gutter Disease) and OFR tape (lim 100).