Freitag, 1. Mai 2020

Out now: Pissoir Rouge CD, Compilation. Chaos Cascade, Torturing Nurse...


CD 12 € each
Tape 7 € each

Please write to obsessivefundamentalrealism (a)

Shipping works to pretty much everywhere except the US

OFR-CD 11: Pissoir Rouge – Asphyxia Apotheose CD

Finally the long-awaited debut full-length CD of German PE madman Pissoir Rouge. Piercing feedback, deranged vocals, punishing metal junk. Atmosphere of total hatred, nihilism and scummy surroundings. Utmost fetishism and perversion expressed as live Power Electronics with a beautiful Harsh Noise twist to it. Comes with 8 page booklet! Co-Release with Phosgen Records


OFR-CD 12: Mantras of Vivisection Compilation CD

OFR is proud to finally present this compilation featuring some of our favourite bands, close allies and respected individuals. New and exclusive tracks by The Rita, Bagman, Scatmother, Linekraft, Detrimental Effect, Reptile Womb, ACL, Armour Group, Chaos Cascade, die Reitenden Leichen, Maskhead, Cervical Smear, Rotat and Pissoir Rouge. Co-Release with Phosgen Records

OFR-034: Chaos Cascade – Melodies of Misogyny C30 Tape

Chaos Cascade delivers another slab of hatred on this tape. „Melodies of Misogyny“ consists of 4 songs in brutal Power Electronics style, like this project has never quite done before. Structured hammering oscillations, analogue texture, commanding vocals. While still relying on Chaos Cascade's trademark sounds and vocals, this is definitely a new milestone for the project. Lim 100


OFR-035: Torturing Nurse – Futile C40 Tape

This Chinese Harsh Noise project presents 40 minutes of very dynamic and crispy Noise. Somewhere between cut-up and classic 90ies Harsh Noise brutality, but with a pretty unique angle to it.



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