Samstag, 15. April 2017


OFR-011: Penetration Squadron – Rectal Assault
Chauvinistically crude and deliberately disgusting Power Electronics heavily inspired by the earliest and wildest days of the genre. Feedback, distorted vocals and brutal minimalism. Features an 8-page booklet dedicated to sexual violence and fetish porn. 40-minute debut album

OFR-012: Subklinik – Dead Forever
Dark and menacing album from this well established project. Same atmosphere and mobidity that dominated the earliest works on labels like Slaughter Productions. Comes with a glossy 4 page booklet.

OFR-013: Scatmother / Wonderland Club Split
Two brutal and menacing young PE projects team up and each present about 20 minutes of new exclusive material. Scatmother does harsh and aggressive material rooted in organic hands-on Noise, whereas Wonderland Club goes for hard and perverse atmosphere and variety. Features pro-printed foldout and lyrics sheets!

OFR-014; Rotat – Hate is Good
40 minutes of mercilessly brutal and piercing Harsh Noise beauty from this Finnish newcomer. After the exquisite early releases on Deviant's Clove Productions, Hiisi and the rerelease on Freak Animal, Rotat delivers sick and skilfully composed Noise blasts. Comes with inserts showing the sick humour and nihilism of the artist.

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